Does it come with a bag?

• Yes, It comes with a pouch bag to let you carry it around you wherever you go.

How long should I wait for my order?

• Typically, we process orders within 3 days after receiving them. After, forward our customers orders to our warehouse and start the fulfillment process. If your shipment destination is located to the USA, UK, Italy, and France you will most likely receive your orders in 7 to 12 days.

Be aware, shipment issues can occur such as COVID-19, customs, etc. and delay the arrival of your package. For more information, please read our Shipping Policy & Guidance.

Is it safe to buy with my credit card?

• We prioritize our customers' privacy, personal and financial information to be safe every time whenever they buy from our store. We work hard to enable our customers to buy with confidence and give them the liability they need to shop.

• We assure you that it is safe for you to buy with your credit card. If you are still hesitant we recommend using PayPal because PayPal gives you a buyer protection to protect the money that you worked hard for.

For more information about your privacy and other information, Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Refund Policy.

How does it work?

• IronBender™ is so easy to use. Simply plug it into an electrical outlet, push the power button once to turn it on, and press it again to cycle through the heat settings that you wish to use, and Voila! You are ready to wrinkle out those wrinkles on your clothes. 

Do I have to buy an ironing board?

• With IronBender™ you do not have to buy an ironing board. IronBender™ is an on-the-go iron that lets you use an iron wherever and whenever you go. You can use any hard surfaces that are clean and durable to heat. But if you are still worried, you can buy our very own iron mat that enables you to make any surfaces an ironing board by just unfolding it and putting it on any hard surfaces you wish to iron with.

I have a personal question, how can I contact IronBender™?

• You can contact us by sending an email to contact@ironbender.net. We are open to any questions you have! Either if its about IronBender™ or even about how to look good with shirts on your date!