About us

We are a team of innovative and creative market seekers who wants to simplify and make the daily living of everyone in ease. We started IronBender™ because we saw the potential and how much time IronBender™ can save from our daily routine for ironing our clothes. We the founders of IronBender™ had always been busy that we didn't have time to iron our clothes. We were always embarrassed with our wrinkled clothes especially when people tell us something about our shirts! But thanks to IronBender™ we need not to worry about wrinkled clothes anymore! It is small and portable that we can take it wherever we want to and get that press suit like unwrinkled shirt whenever we want. 

We hope that IronBender™ can wrinkle out the problems you face with wearing wrinkled clothes as well. If you have bought IronBender™ or not we hope that we have shown you an interesting product that maybe someday you can use and love in the future. We'll appreciate it if you can give us your thoughts about IronBender™. With your feedback we can improve IronBender™ as well as you helping us change the way people wrinkle out their problems with clothes, just like as an innovator who puts a dent in the history of our civilization.

If you have any questions, please send us an email and we will get back right at you as soon as possible. contact@ironbender.net